At BlueBlock you will have the opportunity to work on projects large and small, domestic and international for small businesses and corporations. We believe in strong security, cross functional teams, agile methodologies, SCRUM, TDD, and living on the bleeding edge.

Job Vacancies

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Mobile Software Developer

Code: 0x00001013

We are looking for passionate, hardworking iOS or Android software engineers who have experience building innovative, mobile applications that customers love. Candidates will produce applications that rely on BlueBlock's SaaS products and APIs to produce a suite of mobile tools.

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Assistant Social Media Coordinator

Code: 0x00003001

Candidates who are able to assist in implementing a strategic digital marketing roadmap. Requires organising photoshoots, equipment setup, shoot dressing, manipulating images and videos into formats for social media promotion, and posting content to social media.

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Social Media Content Creator

Code: 0x00003002

Looking for candidates that will conceptualize and create compelling photo, video, and social media campaigns that tell the story of our clients. They will work closely with the Content Manager and clients to develop original and exciting content on a daily basis.

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Working at BlueBlock

Life at BlueBlock IT Solutions for talented and motivated candidates will be a fulfilling experience where projects are (nearly) always interesting, the tech is up to date, technical debt is low and our methodologies are agile.