We do computer security. We do web development. We do native and cross platform mobile applications. Whatever the ICT need of your business we can do something for you or direct you to the companies that will.

Web Development

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We have a long history developing web applications, both big and small, ranging from micro-sites to data intelligence workbenches.

Transient Marketing

To be used once as part of a greater marketing campaign. Things like landing pages, promotional games, and micro-sites.

Sustained Marketing

Interactive brand websites and applications which allow marketeers to publish and interact with customers.

Interactive Applications

Do stuff! Examples might be business intelligence dashboards, asset management, accounting platforms.

Native Applications

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Smart phones and tablets are all pervasive. Reach your audience and provide rich experiences that can build your brand, offer value or, indeed, provide services which are your raison d'être.

iOS / iPhone

We develop for iOS on iPhone, iPads, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. Reach your customers with professional emersive experiences.


The most pervasive OS in the mobile space and we provide native development for a broad range of devices.

Cross Platform

When you need to reach the most people we can help you by developing applications that run on multiple devices.

ICT Security Consultancy

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Businesses lose billions each to computer security breaches. We can harden your organisation's infrastructure, and ensure compliance.

Certification &

Security reviews, threat and vulnerability assessments, validation audits, remediation protocols and planning.

Compliance &

IT Audits, policy and proceedure review, ISO 27001 alignment, secure code guidelines, automated compliance assessments.

Penetration Testing

Secure code reviews, application penetration testing, server hardening reviews, network penetration, perimeter security reviews.

Security Advisory

General consultancy, secure code training, security compliance training, general security consultancy, staff augmentation.

ICT General Consultancy

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Modern business requirements mandate the use of IT solutions which can burden organisations with skills that fall outside their core competencies. We can help!

IT Procurement &

Choosing the right software for your business is difficult and sometimes very opaque. We can consult and insure appropriate contract stipulations to get you rolling.

Integration &

We can guide integration of varying applications to make your business smarter. We can assist in software roll-out planning, implementation and review.

Capacity &

Test limits of current applications and infrastructure. Planning for scale. Infrastructure performance review. Server configurations reviews. Database and query optimisation.